Probiotics & Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) - Vivomixx

Probiotics & Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) - Vivomixx

Hello Folks, 

Just a quick update from Dr. Orla Cahill.  We are honoured that she has mentioned out site.  We are acutely aware how serious this has become.

Listen to the interview here

We have currently sold out of Vivomixx Capsules but we have a very large delivery due on Friday that will be dispatched to you on Monday.  We will, as always, dispatch first orders first.  We may run into short supply issues in the coming weeks due to border restrictions, we will keep you informed at all times. 

We have a large stock of Vivomixx sachets at the moment so if that works better than capsules we can dispatch straight away.

Vivomixx Options Here

Thanks for your support and we wish all good health.

Darren & the team.

The Team

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Dr Orla Cahill am

Hi Darren,
I am delighted to be mentioned by you, I have to say the Vivomixx products are excellent. Glad to highlight your great website.
Best Regards

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