Vivomixx for adults

In our minds, bacteria are usually linked to disease, however our body is full of bacteria working hard for our good health. In healthy adults, the intestinal microflora naturally finds a fair balance between the good and potentially harmful bacteria. The challenge for good health lies in maintaining such balance.

The intestinal balance put to the test

Some people are lucky enough to inherit a diversified intestinal flora, rich in good bacteria contributing to their well-being and health. Some are not so lucky and inherit a less balanced flora which may lead to gastrointestinal disorders. Together with these genetic aspects, many other situations can affect this balance which is so important for our health. We know that nutrition plays a fundamental role and that antibiotics may damage our intestinal flora, but what we may not know is that regular and moderate exercising will counteract the negative impacts and intestinal imbalance that stress, anxiety and depression may cause.

The consequences of microbiota imbalance

A reduction of the good bacteria and increase of pathogenic bacteria leads to malfunctioning of our gut, called dysbiosis.
This state may trigger gastrointestinal disorders such as abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, excess of gas and altered transit. Another consequence of this dysbiosis is the possible transfer of such pathogenic bacteria to other body areas, leading for example to vaginal or urinary tract infections.
Dysbiosis alters the intestinal barrier, which may lead to possible food intolerance, allergies and chronic intestinal disorders.

How to maintain this balance?

In order to maintain a healthy intestinal flora, we must take good care of our lifestyle and eat food rich in pre and microbiotic, avoid antibiotic treatments if possible, practice sports and relax!

When there is a serious dysbiosis, such as after antibiotic treatment or other event which disrupts the balance of our microbiota, a microbiotic seems an appropriate approach to integrate friendly bacteria to help protect our organism.