Our gut and how it works?

More than 500 bacterial species, friends and foes, enrich or impoverish our intestinal flora, now called the microbiota. The microbiota of each of us is unique just like our fingerprints.

It is an integral part of our body. But until recently we knew so little about its existence and the essential role it plays on our health. More numerous than all the stars in our galaxy, billions of microorganisms co-exist to form a rich and complex ecosystem

Intestinal flora under influence

We are not all equal when we talk about intestinal flora. In our gut, pathogenic and beneficial bacteria co-exist and many factors can impact our microbiota:

  • the quality of the intestinal flora transmitted by the mother at birth
  • the food we eat
  • our lifestyle
  • stress
  • ageing
  • travelling
  • antibiotics, chemo or radiotherapy
  • inflammatory bowel diseases
  • renal or hepatic diseases

Any alteration in our intestinal microflora has repercussions on our health and well being and can be the cause of tiredness, abdominal pain, cramps, excess gas, bloating, change in bowel habits.

The challenges of a healthy, diversified and balanced intestinal flora:

A healthy intestinal microbiota consists of 85% beneficial bacteria and plays a preponderant role on our health:

  • It makes the selection between good and bad bacteria, fights off pathogenic substances and protects our intestinal barrier
  • It is essential for the digestion, for the absorption of nutrients, and of vitamins, such as vitamin K and B which play an important role for our metabolism
  • It works as a shield, 80% of our immune system being localized in our gut.

Our microbiota is nowadays considered as an organ, a major player of our metabolism and our immune system. A quality microbiotic supplement is a simple and safe way to help restore the balance of your intestinal flora and play its role to the full.


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