Healthspan - Vitamin D Gummies -  30 Gummies

Healthspan - Vitamin D Gummies - 30 Gummies

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Vitamin D Apple & Blackcurrant Gummies

Key features

  • Delicious and convenient one-a-day gummies
  • Containing 500% NRV of vitamin D
  • Helps support normal bones, muscles, teeth and immune system
  • No added sugar - contains only sugars occurring naturally

What are Vitamin D Apple and Blackcurrant Gummies?

Delicious apple and blackcurrant chewable gummies with no added sugar and packed with 25µg vitamin D3 - that's equivalent to 500% NRV. Vitamin D is considered by many as a super nutrient, due to the wide number of benefits it provides: it plays a key role in bone and teeth health, and supports muscle function and the immune system. However, national research frequently reveals that one in five of us has low levels of vitamin D, and unfortunately the sun in Ireland isn't strong enough for us to make vitamin D between October and March, which can lead to deficiency of this important vitamin.

Why is ours better?

These convenient one-a-day gummies are flavoured with apple and blackcurrant, providing a delicious way to support your vitamin D levels. We also don't add further sugar - each gummy only contains 0.1g of sugars that occur naturally.