Bimuno Daily 30 High Fibre Sachets

Bimuno Daily 30 High Fibre Sachets

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Bimuno DAILY is a flavour-free supplement in powder form that can be added to hot or cold drinks or sprinkled on your cereal. Simply open a sachet, pour the powder into the drink or cereal and stir until dissolved. 

Recommended Daily Serving:

  • Suitable for individuals aged 4 years and over. Take one sachet per day (3.65g).


Bimuno® is a non-digestible fibre supplement that passes through the upper gastrointestinal tract intact until it reaches the colon. Here the good bacteria ferment the galactooligosaccharides (GOS) in Bimuno, stimulating their own growth which leads to competition for space with bad bacteria in the gut. The more space taken up by good bacteria, the less space there is for bad bacteria.

Bimuno selectively targets bifidobacteria, which is a type of good bacteria that digests fibre and other complex carbohydrates that your body can’t digest on its own. Unlike many other good bacteria, Bifidobacteria does not produce gas.

When taken daily, Bimuno is scientifically proven to grow levels of bifidobacteria within just 7 days*. However, it’s important to note everyone’s gut microbiome is different and could react differently so the timing and degree of change may vary.


What to expect when taking Bimuno

Day 1-3 When you take Bimuno for the first time, it will take 3 days to start feeding your bifidobacteria.

Day 4-7 You might feel some slight gurgling in your tummy. This is a good sign as it means Bimuno is beginning to reset your microbiota (the bacteria in your gut).

Day 8-14 Your microbiota has now changed and Bimuno is feeding and nurturing your beneficial bacteria.

Don’t stop after 14 days. Make Bimuno part of your daily routine and continue to feed your good gut bacteria.