Healthspan - Vitamin C Citrus Gummies -  30 Gummies

Healthspan - Vitamin C Citrus Gummies - 30 Gummies

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What are Vitamin C Citrus Gummies?

Delicious orange, lemon and tangerine gummies with no added sugar and containing the daily recommended levels of vitamin C. The benefits of vitamin C have long been established. It contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones, cartilage, skin and teeth, and also supports the nervous and immune systems. In past centuries, pirates discovered that a deficiency of vitamin C led to scurvy!

Why is ours better?

These convenient one-a-day gummies come in three delicious citrus flavours: orange, lemon and tangerine. And we've taken special care to ensure there's no added sugar within; these gummies only contain sugars that occur naturally.